Data Integration

Our Approach

Competitive healthcare organizations require the capacity to ingest data from a multitude of sources. This data must be normalized prior to populating analytical data tools. Velocity provides the following approaches to data integration:

Traditional HL7 and X12 Integration

Velocity engineers leverage the integration capabilities available in the Mirth and Informatica platforms. We build and deploy maps between healthcare applications including patient, financial, claims and personal care device data. Additionally, we build custom integrations to exchange non-standard data such as patient assessment forms and others.


“Healthcare is on the verge of an epic disruption to migrate away from monolithic applications to light-weight, easy to deploy microservices.” - Joe Brisson, Velocity CTO

Microservices are small, autonomous services that work together with each other. These services focus on doing one thing well and can be deployed in days and weeks, not months and years. Velocity is developing mission critical microservices, such as our Data Quality application and partnering with other organizations on enabling services like the Automated Task Resolution application.​​