Record Remediation

EMPI Remediation

Our remediation services focus on data analysis, duplicate remediation, record linking and root cause examination. Velocity maintain a constant vigilance to protect Patient Privacy so our clients can also be comfortable with our remote services.

The Right Data

Having the right patient data, at the right place, at the right time is a goal of most healthcare systems. This starts with accurately capturing and coordinating a patient’s identity across multiple disparate organizations.

“If the information presented at the point of care is matched with the wrong patient, it is not only unusable, it is also dangerous for the patient. Delivering the right patient information is crucial to realizing the benefits of connected care. In the absence of a unique national identification number or some other unified way of identifying people and organizations, master data management (MDM), much science, and a bit of art, makes this important work possible.” – HealthIt

Data Integrity Services

Data Governance

Algorithm Tuning and Optimization

Operationalizing a Remediation Team in your organization

Remediation Services

Automated task resolution (ATR) through machine learning tools

Credentialed staff lead remediation process redesign and complex task remediation

Source system clean-up and remediation maintenance